“Jim…we couldn’t have done it without you.”



“We gained a close friend, not just a house.”     Chris Redfield


“You found me a nice home, for less than it would have cost me to rent.”                                                    

                               Martha Diaz                        

“Thanks so much for helping us in buying our new home.  I don’t know what we would have done without you.  Mike & Midge Arsenault


“You were knowledgeable about every phase of real estate…you did everything possible to make everything flow smoothly.”      Joyce Mara


 “I enjoyed working with you, and appreciated your efforts.”

                       Cindy Capuano


“You saved me from making a big mistake..one I would have paid 30 years for!”         Susan Sauer




November 22nd, 2016

Dear Jim and Florita,

It has been 2 months since the sale of my home, a very busy two month but the one thing I am not too busy for is thanking two of the most spectacular people for helping me get to my dream home by selling my previous dream home.

From day one, both Jim and Florita were a blessing to have as realtors. They were so gracious but even more important, professional, informative, super supportive AND fun to work with. During a time when things were so hectic, they kept me fully informed, gave me valuable advice on getting my house ready for potential buyers and were always available no matter what.

They closed the deal in a positive, honest and ethical way within an exceptionally short period. The same they did for my direct neighbors which is how I got in contact with this power couple.

From day one to the closing, it was such a pleasant experience. I am not quick recommending people, I never have done so with a realtor before (sold many homes in my lifetime) but Jim and Florita are such an amazing couple and did such an amazing job, I am 110% comfortable doing so.

__Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!



June 12, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

Having recently completed the sale of my Mother’s home in Glen Lakes, it is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Jim Graham, of RE/MAX Realty.

 After initially interviewing several realtors in the Brooksville, FL area, I quickly came to the decision through my conversations with Jim, that he was the one who would provide me with the hands on approach I desperately needed.  As an out-of-state seller from the Boston, Massachusetts area, I needed a broker who could give my listing the hands on attention required under my circumstances.

Jim did not disappoint.  His property management skills were excellent.  He tirelessly oversaw installation of new carpeting, Service Master cleanings and ozone treatments for tobacco smoke rectification, garage door repairs, and landscaping upgrades.  At one point when we could not get a cleaning crew back to the house in a timely manner, Jim and his wife, Florita personally went over and did cleaning. 

In addition to his property management skills, Jim was an excellent communicator, keeping me up to date with weekly progress reports via phone.  His pleasant, aproachable demeanor was consistent throughout the six month process that we worked together.

Jim’s work ethic, attention to detail and the integrity with which he conducts business was consistent throughout the process.  I recommend Jim highly to any Seller who is put in the position of selling a home from in state or out of state. 


Carol E. Lane



Dear Jim,

"I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for all your assistance in selling my mother’s house.  Most impressive was your advice to my sisters and I.  It clearly proved to be the difference between a successful sale and the unsuccessful attempts we made on our own.


Frankly, when we first met I was uninterested in the letters and statistics you offered.  Our mother’s death was very difficult for us and honestly (and I guess selfishly) I wasn’t concerned in how many homes RE/MAX had sold, or what you had done for others in the past, but I was concerned about what you would do for us, and how sensitive you would be to the sale of the mainstay in our lives.

Right from the start you listened to our concerns, you were patient to our needs, but most importantly, you offered advice and accompanying explanations to why we should complete various tasks.  Also, my sisters and I agree, we never felt that we were out of the decisions making loop regarding the property.

I remember times calling you at 8:15AM and other times at 9:45PM.  I remember telling friends that I felt you treated me as if I were your only client.  And very importantly, despite living in New Hampshire, I remember being updated by you every day from day one, right to and through the closing.

Needless to say, if we ever know of others who are looking to buy or sell real estate in your area, we will insist they seek your service.  Also, at any time, please feel free to use my name as a reference.

Thank you again and best wishes,

Jim Lewis



Dear Jim,

"It isn’t often that you get to meet a Real Estate Broker who not only finds the exact home you want, but also becomes a friend.  Gary and I are happy in our home and enjoy seeing you a few times a year.

I remember walking into your office and really doubting if we could purchase a home for the price we wanted.  You showed us several properties, and found us just what we were looking for.

Knowing you will provide the same great service to others, we have and will continue to highly recommend you to our friends and co-workers."


Nancy & Gary Swanberg



Dear Jim,

"Shirley and I would like to express our deepest gratitude for helping us build our new home.

It was a very stressful time for us, but we felt much more at ease knowing you were only a phone call away.

I felt very comfortable having you as our Buyer’s Broker.  You played a vital role in the negotiations with our builder and you protected our interest before, during and even after the house was built. 

I will continue to recommend you to my friends and associates in the future.

Best wishes,

Sam & Shirley Grilli




Thank you for helping my sister and me sell our parents’ home in Weeki Wachee.  Although my sister lives in Arizona and I live in Virginia and the house was on the market for almost 10 months, you made the entire long distance selling process as stress free as possible.

My mother passed away my stepfather passed away.  After my wife and I removed my parents’ personal possessions from the house, I contacted you shortly before my stepfather’s funeral and we made arrangements to list the house for sale.  After the funeral, our family returned home with assurances that you would oversee numerous tasks that had to be accomplished before the house could be marketed.  These tasks included coordinating with friends of my parents to remove a car and utility trailer from the garage, and furniture from the house, after all legalities were satisfied, having the house and carpets professionally cleaned after the furniture was removed, and arranging for continuing lawn care until the house was sold.  In addition, when there was a problem with the air conditioning during the summer, you made sure it was repaired as soon as possible.

Your efforts on our behalf went far beyond your contract obligations and we are very grateful.  The successful sale of my parents’ house would not have occurred without your hard work.


Steve Hudak

A N N I E   C H E N   C.P.A.   I N C.




Dear Homeowner,


Jim Graham is the real estate professional you absolutely need in this market to sell your

home. Most realtors say they can help you but Jim and his team actually delivers results. After only 1 week of signing the contract, Jim SOLD my home at FULL PRICE, and $25,000 more than I originally expected.


As a CPA, a broker, a seminar speaker, and an investor with multiple out-of-state

properties myself, I know how frustrating it can be to put your home on the market, and

wait for months for it to sell, especially in this buyer’s market of high inventory and slow

sales. In this market, you need Jim. Jim has the magic to really move property and here are the reasons why based on my first hand experience:


1. CRS—I found Jim through www.CRS.com. Jim is a Certified Real Estate

Specialist—he is far more knowledgeable than the average realtor.


2. Seasoned Experience—Jim has over 33 years of experience behind him and proved

to be extremely knowledgeable about selling and closing process, efficiently

keeping on top of inspections, appraisals, loans, and everything necessary to

close the deal. He has the integrity to follow through and deliver on his promises.


3. Responsiveness—Jim is extremely responsive. On the first day he took my call,

he immediately went out to see my property before giving me a valuation. In

addition, he had to work hard with my property manager to make sure the

property was accessible and problems were addressed immediately. He obtained

and found reliable and lower cost servicemen, repairman, and gardener for my

every need, and this was very helpful since I lived out of state. He was especially

responsive and had many contacts. He brought buyers immediately to view my

property and someone to record the virtual tour right away. He worked very hard

to communicate with me promptly on an almost daily basis and was never hard

to reach.


4. Top Dollars--Jim proved to be extremely knowledgeable about the pricing of

the local market there. I was going to sign with the broker who originally sold the

home to me. However, that broker had 100 other listings that were not selling

and didn’t even bother to call me back when I asked her for the contract. I had

purchased my investment home in 2005 for $165,000. Sixteen months later, it

had appreciated to $220,000. But when I was ready to sell in December 2007, I

was told by my old broker that I would be lucky to sell it for only $130,000, and

it would take probably 6 months to 1 year to sell. When I talked to Jim, he convinced me that $130,000 was far too low and he was confident he would be able to sell at approximately $155,000.

I was skeptical since I was sure that we would have to list it 15% below fair market

value to obtain any sort of activity. I didn’t want my property to become a “stale”

listing from a high price. But Jim assured me that he sold a recent house with

similar features for a similar price. Amazingly, Jim followed through and within

1 week, I received a FULL PRICE offer for $154,900!


5. Strong Web Marketing—The top interview question I teach investors to ask is

what will the marketing program be? The usual program of a typical agent covers

the MLS, Craig’s List, newspapers, magazines. In this market, this program is not

going to work! Jim has an E-Pro designation which means that Jim has been

specially trained on how to market on the internet. Jim’s marketing program is

extremely effective because he lists all of his properties on 7 websites, uses

premium boxes and highlights, virtual tours, to bring in buyers.

Jim also had 25 other listings which eventually brought in the buyer that bought

my property. I could also tell from Jim’s website that it was custom made, and

not one of those canned real estate websites that received no traffic. This is truly

what sets Jim apart. Even though my old broker had over 100 listings and was in

every major newspaper, her listings were moving very slowly because she didn’t

know how to market on the internet.


6. Jim’s Team—Jim and his wife work well as a team, to respond to my every

question and need. He has his crew to help work and beautify my property for

sale. Jim has the quality contacts, from escrow to service people, to help my

transaction close smoothly.


Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better Real Estate professional. I thank God that I found Jim to help me sell this property and I am pleased to recommend him to you.



Annie Chen, Broker and CPA, Orange County, California


Jim Graham

Realtor Associate

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